Symfony: the new definitive guide

The new Symfony book is already available, updated for 1.3 and 1.4 versions.

A few days ago the last definitive guide for Symfony has go out, which covers the last 1.3 and 1.4 versions of this already popular PHP framework. In this opportunity the name of the book is “A gentle Introduction to Symfony”.

In this new edition the two first chapters talk a little more about the framework philosophy. Also, there are some new chapters, one dedicated for Doctrine, another one for Symfony Form framework, and another one for emails. In summary, we can learn about:

  • If we want to learn about Symfony, we should read the Practical Symfony book if you want to learn the framework with a sample project; or we should read A Gentle introduction to symfony book if you want more theory and further explanations about main features.
  • If you want to find about how to configure Symfony we should read the Reference guide book.
  • If we want to learn more about Symfony about advanced stuff we should read More with symfony book.


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  1. Great post…!!!! I really like the KISS philosophy, but just make the thing simplier for a junior is not easy ejeejej…… Regards emi….


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