Symfony 1.x: Maintenance mode

Symfony Maintenance mode, when enabled, it disallows access to our Symfony project’s appand replaces it with a placeholder (unavailable) page.

To put in maintenance (disable) our application we should run:

user@unix:~$ php symfony project:disable [app] [env]

Once this command finishes Symfony looks for an unavailable.php file and let you choose where you prefer to put it. If we have many apps and we want to have a customized unavailable page foe each, we should put it in


But, if we want the same Unavailable page for all our apps we should put it in


To then enable the app again:

user@unix:~$ php symfony project:enable [app] [env]

NOTE: To make this command works we should make sure that the check_lock setting is set to “yes/true”.

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