PHP and Behavior Driven Desing

During this 2014 I was hearing and reading a lot about Behavior Driven Desing (BDD), which is a software development process based on Test Driven Design (TDD) combining ideas from Domain Driven Design (DDD) and Object Oriented Programming (OOP). For a full explanation about BDD click here.

In the website we can find an in progress tutorial which explains how to use BDD in PHP using the Laravel PHP framework, Behat and PhpSpec. The tutotial is called “Laravel, BDD and You” and in this post I will be linking to every post in this serie.

The Symfony Installer

Nice news! Symfony team has launched their own installer. The purpose of this installer is to start new projects based on the Symfony full-stack framework.

We can find how to install it and use it here.

As you can see it’s really easy to install and use. For instance, to create a new project (once installed) we can run:

user@unix:~$ symfony new my_project

Symfony keeps evolving :D.