PHP Conference Argentina 2014

This conference rocks!. This last weekend I have attended the largest PHP conference for developers in Argentina. A huge amount of developers from all the world had the opportunity to listen excellent PHP’s guru’s.

Masters like Michael “Monty” Widenius (creator of MySQL), Brad Fitzpatrick (Creator of Memcached, Gearman and core developer of Go), Fabien Potencier (creator of Symfony PHP Framework) and Mitchel Hashimoto (creator of vagrant) between others.

Between the most interesting talks we can find:

Performance Testing Crash Course by Dustin Whittle.
Password storage (and attacking) in PHP by Anthony Ferrara.
API’s Pain Points by Phil Sturgeon.
OAuth2: The Swiss Framework by Brent Shaffer.

Also, Javier Eguiluz talked about Symfony 2 Best Practices and Mitchell Hashimoto about Consistent development environments with Vagrant.

And last but not least, on Sunday we shared an awesome barbecue in a beautiful ranch called the “Gaucho Day“.

Looking forward for the 2015 edition and thanks to the guys who did this possible.