symfony-all command line

If you are a symfony developer you already should know about the great commands you can use to ease your development. To learn more about those commands I would recommend you this chapter in the symfony’s documentation.

The most common commands are those to generate our model, forms and filter; so to do that you can to run each command individually.

To speed up this common use, I would share with you a really simply bash script to do all this in just one command:

php /path/to/symfony doctrine:build-model
php /path/to/symfony doctrine:build-forms
php /path/to/symfony doctrine:build-filters
php /path/to/symfony cc

The above script will build our model, forms and filters, and it will clear the cache. Of course, you also could run the database related commands, but we have to be careful about changing database structures in existing projects.

I hope this script will be useful for you guys.

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