My favorite stack

As I posted in an earlier post Javascript is conquering the world and in this post I want to share what is my favorite stack for building web applications.

For the latest apps I’m working I really like the following stack:

Symfony for the backend, basically the administrator interface.
AngularJS for the frontend and UI.
A RESTful API to be consumed by the frontend.

As I’m working with Symfony for a long time I decided to build my backend and administrator based on this PHP framework. For that I use a bundle I’ve written nammed HasheadoAdminBundle, but also I’m playing and experimenting with this EasyAdminBundle written by Javier Eguiluz.

For the frontend I’m using AngularJS, a really cool framework to extend HTML and build rich web applications. There is really good documentation to learn Angular in its own website and it also has a great community.

To build the RESTful API I’m using great Symfony bundles like FOSRestBundle and the JMSSerializerBundle. Here there is a really cool post to see how to build a cool API.

Well, I hope this post help you.